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Why Do They Call Blue Ridge “Blue Ridge?”

what makes the blue ridge mountains blue?

The Appalachians – among the oldest mountains on Earth. The Blue Ridge Mountains are one very special segment of the Appalachian Mountain Range. There’s something very unique about it – from a distance, they’ve got a bluish tint to them that makes them so endearing and captivating. But – why do they call it “Blue Ridge,” anyway? We’ll answer that question in this blog and also give you a bit of background about the place.

What Makes “Blue Ridge” the color blue?

The Cherokee Indigenous People referred to the mountains as blue. Ever since then, it has had that really distinct hue that made it feel so ethereal. However – what puts the blue in these mountains is the trees on them. The trees emit isoprene, a hydrocarbon that they emit to protect themselves from excess heat. When it’s released into the air, it interacts with the other molecules in the atmosphere, which gives the mountains the blue hue that so many people have been enthralled by.

What’s Blue Ridge, Georgia?

A small mountain town with stunning views and plenty of adventure to be had around it. The Southern Living Magazine ranked it as one of 2021’s South Best Mountain Towns and 2019 Top Small Mountain Towns. It is the perfect place to have a vacation or even a romantic getaway, with its’ views, trails, luxury mountain cabins, and many more. It was laid out in 1886 when railway lines were extended and then fully incorporated by 1887. Since then, the small mountain town has grown into one of the best places you can get away completely and experience nature.

There are a variety of activities to try around here. Whether you’re looking for new experiences with wine and the best wineries around or if you’re looking for new adventures to be had, there is always something out there for you. Stay in one of the best properties in Blue Ridge for your vacation or getaway for the best experience possible – and make the most of your time in Blue Ridge.

The Blue Ridge Mountains are one of the best features of the area. Under its’ bluish hue are biking trails, hiking trails, and plenty of other activities calm or intense. Discover as well through its’ fine wines – some of the best all 50 states have to offer. When you do choose these mountains for your adventure, don’t miss out on the winery tours. Don’t forget the beauty of the lake as well – with its crystal clear waters, pebble beach, and plenty of lakeside activities – you’ll be crafting memories you really won’t forget.

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