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What Is The Best Time of Year to Visit Blue Ridge

What’s the Best Time of Year to Visit Blue Ridge?

Most people don’t come to the Blue Ridge Mountains on a whim, usually, it’s a trip they save and plan for. And if you’re one of those people who plan their trips carefully and thoughtfully, then it would be good to think about which season you are coming in to know what to expect and do when you finally head out for that journey. Which begs the question – what is the best time of year to visit Blue Ridge? Short answer – it depends. Long answer – read on!


Springtime from March to May might be for you if you’re one to enjoy the sight of wildflowers and green sceneries. With warm temperatures inbound, plenty of attractions here at Blue Ridge open up – and the Blue Ridge Parkway’s scenic drive is particularly amazing if you’re looking for great views while cruising in your car. 


With even warmer temperatures in summertime, Blue Ridge remains a very popular place to visit. Spring’s many activities are still present, and you can enjoy the local hiking and biking trails at warmer temperatures. It’s also the perfect time for a visit to Lake Blue Ridge, and there’s so much you can do there – if you’re a fan of fishing, kayaking, or even just of picnics by the lakeside and swimming – then summer might be the best time for you.


Fall is one of the best times to visit for plenty of people – and for good reason. The leaves change color in Autumn, usually around mid to late October, and leaf peepers can rejoice and marvel at the sights. Apple orchards also open up this season, so those looking to do some apple picking may find it best to come at this time. Plenty of the activities available in both Spring and Summer are also still available in Autumn.


Wintertime closes down a lot of the attractions due to the snow and the cold, however, it’s still a great time to visit if you’re into skiing and the snow. There are fewer people around the winter, but there remain plenty of things to do if you’re a fan of the winter weather. Scenery such as the winter hiking trails, frozen waterfalls, and many more are there for you to enjoy, alongside holiday festivities and town celebrations. The Blue Ridge Scenic Railway is open as well.

Key takeaway

Depending on what your preferences are, the best time to visit the Blue Ridge Mountains can vary. If you’re thinking of enjoying nice weather, plenty of outdoor activities, and beautiful plants and flowers all around you – it might be better to come in the warmer months. But if your version of paradise is a winter wonderland and skiing, then it might be great to come in the wintertime. Though regardless of the season, there’s something for you to do and enjoy!

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