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From Wineries, Outdoor Trails, and the Luxury Mountain Cabins: The Top 8 Blue Ridge Activities to Never Miss

Just 90 miles away from the busy cityscape of Atlanta, Georgia is Blue Ridge — laidback, nature-filled, beautiful Blue Ridge where tourists visit to soak in the calm and the beauty. 

With almost 106,000 acres of Chattahoochee National Forest, 300 miles of hiking trails, more than twenty wineries, and hundreds of miles of trout streams, Blue Ridge does not run out of attractions and adventure opportunities for families, couples, and groups. 

Whether you’re visiting Blue Ridge for a romantic getaway, a core family trip, or for a trip with your most treasured people in the world, you can be assured that Blue Ridge can fill your adventure cup to the fullest! 

Why Choose Blue Ridge? 

Blue Ridge has just recently been awarded by Southern Living Magazine as one of the South’s Best Mountain Towns. In 2019, Blue Ridge also received distinction as one of the Best Small Mountain Towns for Retirement. 

The most fascinating thing about Blue Ridge is how it combines two things – those who would love both a good adrenaline rush and a retreat from the loud, busy world can find it all in this mountain town. 

The most popular stops here are intertwined with nature and sceneries – you’ll always find a breathtaking spot where you can enjoy both local offerings, and stunning landscapes. 

Both old and young will find something that thrills them in Blue Ridge. 

Top 8 Best Blue Ridge Activities to Enjoy 

New to Blue Ridge? Bringing a group to this popular mountain town and unsure where to best bring them? Figuring out what Blue Ridge attraction you should try first? 

Here’s a list of some of the most popular and most worth-it Blue Ridge adventures you should not miss! 

Hiking the Trails

Blue Ridge is home to significant hiking trails for both beginner and advanced hikers. A favorite here is the Appalachian trail spanning 2000 miles all the way through Maine. The the The hiking trails extend up to 300 miles, with most miles filled with greenery, striking waterfalls, and local sceneries. 

You will definitely find a hiking trail here for kids, adults, and for older hikers that might be looking for safe, accessible, easy trails. 

Don’t forget to bring your camera during the hike – there’s no shortage of panoramic views here. 

Visiting the Wineries

Ahhh, Blue Ridge wine — giving the bottles of Napa a run for their money! 

Sprawling vineyards feature estate-grown grapes that produce the dry whites, sparkling wines, and rosés that the state is known for. 

These wineries also combine great-tasting wine with breathtaking mountain views. Most wineries here offer one-of-a-kind tasting sessions which are often complemented with delicious local food. 

Stay for a few hours, mingle with locals, and be surprised by the uniqueness of Blue Ridge wines. There’s a winery for every budget here. 

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Soak in for a Bit of Blue Ridge History

Discovery Blue Ridge’s old glory through a downtown walking tour! 

Blue Ridge was once considered an elite resort and is known for its pure mineral water with loads of health benefits. Now, it has become the center of trade along the foot of the mountains. 

During the walking tour, you will get to see some of the most iconic landmarks that defined old Blue Ridge, including the Baugh House, restored Victorian homes, and the Blue Ridge Depot. 

The old vintage appeal of Blue Ridge is very much present — a great thing if you love to incorporate local histories to your trip. 

Spend a Day at Lake Blue Ridge

Majority of the area of Lake Blue Ridge is protected, which means the place is incredibly well-preserved. 

The lake is 3300 acres with a 65-mile shoreline. You can ride the boat to explore the whole vastness of the area. 

Kayaks are also available for anyone looking to have some good paddle exercise. Towering trees and unique wildlife will surprise you on your way around. 

If you have the heart for fishing, you can give it a go! 

Indulge in the Local Happy Hour

The locals are the best part of Blue Ridge. The town has become famous for the warm welcome residents give to the tourists. 

What better way to feel the friendly atmosphere than by interacting with locals in popular pubs? 

You can 100% expect great Blue Ridge delicacies to be served!

Go Apple Picking at Mercier Orchards

Blue Ridge does not only have wines but also vast farmland for juicy, delectable apples! 

The entire orchard grows up to 50 varieties of apples. During harvest season, tourists can visit Mercier Orchards and pick apples. 

Besides sweet, mouthwatering apples, you will also find ciders, cherries, baked pies and jam, strawberries, and peaches. 

Mountainbiking and Rafting

Adrenaline junkies who want to experience the blood-pumping adventures Blue Ridge offers can shred the biking trails and take on the whitewater!

The Appalachian Trail approach trail to Springer Mountain is one of the most popular biking trails where you can make stops at lavish greeneries and roaring waterfalls. 

Stay in One of the Luxe Mountain Cabins

The high life is very much alive in this quaint, quiet town. Nestled in the foothills of the mountains are luxurious mountain cabins that give you the true Blue Ridge mountain experience. 

These cabins are the penultimate locations that can make your Blue Ridge trip memorable. 

These beautiful mountain cabins are surrounded by lush greenery and are totally far from the busy downtown. They provide easy access to the top attractions in Blue Ridge, all while giving you your much-needed respite and privacy. 

With idyllic design and top-notch features, these cabins can make you feel luxury! 

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Stay in the Boujee Lodge Mountain Cabin For that Lux Experience.

Enveloped by the woods and surrounded by the mountains, Boujee Lodge offers the perfect accommodation for anyone who wants to discover Blue Ridge to the fullest. 

Complete with high-end amenities, dazzling interiors, and a setting that calls for rest and recreation, Boujee Lodge is the best place to lounge and rest after a day around town. 

With its vast space, you no longer have to go out to have fun with your family. This complete mountain cabin has everything you need for entertainment, for unwinding, and for making connections with family and friends. 

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