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2023 Bucket List Blue Ridge

Your 2023 Bucket List for Blue Ridge, Georgia

New year, new experiences! Now that it’s 2023, why not head up to beautiful Blue Ridge, Georgia for your vacation or getaway – and treat yourself to amazing views and activities while you’re here? If you’re not sure what to do first when you’re here, check out this 2023 Bucket List for Blue Ridge, and do try to cross off as many of these as you can. 

Trail Hiking and Mountain Biking

With 300 miles of hiking trails, one of the things that you should do when you get here to Blue Ridge is hiking. With all the natural beauty around you, it certainly pays off to take a walk on one of the trails. These can vary in difficulty and length – meaning if you’re not an experienced hiker, you’ll find something easy enough for you and your friends and family. These trails possess a variety of wonderful things along the way, from waterfalls as a reward for your long walk, to stunning forest and lake views all around you, and even historic landmarks in some trails. Besides hiking, if you’re looking for something more adrenaline-pumping, there are also plenty of mountain biking trails for the experienced and the beginner rider, all of varied length and difficulty.

Lakeside Activities

Blue Ridge is in very close proximity to Lake Blue Ridge – a pebble beach with 3300 acres of crystal clear water. It’s only 3 miles from downtown, and there’s plenty to do and plenty to enjoy with your traveling companions. Try having a picnic by the lake with your friends – it’s a tranquil and beautiful experience. You can also take a dip in the waters and swim; there are public facilities in certain areas like bathroom facilities and concession stands for your convenience. Besides that, if you’re the more adventurous sort, you can also try kayaking, boating, and fishing (if that’s your thing) on the lake waters itself.

Wineries and Fine Dining

Thinking about something less strenuous and instead something more posh and fancy? The town of Blue Ridge has a great selection of restaurants, and nearby are plenty of wineries and vineyards with great wine for you to taste. If you want to treat yourself to great food and drink in a faraway mountain town, Blue Ridge is no stranger to either.

Staying in a Luxury Cabin

2023 Bucket List Blue Ridge
Boujee Lodge

Besides the aforementioned, there’s plenty more to experience in Blue Ridge – drive-in theatres, farm tours, scenic train rides, axe throwing, ziplining, cavern or mine exploration – and many more! All this adventure and all these new experiences can be exhausting – so one of the things you should definitely add to your 2023 bucket list is staying in a luxury cabin in Blue Ridge, Georgia. Boujee Lodge has all the features and amenities you could ever want to have when living in a luxury cabin – complete with breathtaking views around you and an exquisite, trendy, modern-rustic architecture for that perfect getaway you’ve been yearning for.

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