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Stunning Trails of Blue Ridge

Bask in the beauty of nature here in Blue Ridge – with its’ 106, 000 acres of Chattahoochee National Forest and 300 miles of hiking trails, you’ll definitely find plenty of things to enjoy with the ones you love. In Blue Ridge, there are safe, accessible, and family-friendly hiking trails for beginners and advanced hikers of all ages. We’ll be listing these down below – and even though all of these can be hiked in less than a day, they’re all bathing in the beauty of nature for you to enjoy.

Porter’s Creek Trail

Short, yet scenic and tranquil, the Porter’s Creek Trail is a beautiful hike 4 miles long when doing a roundtrip. This trail is great in any season, but it’s even more amazing in the spring when the wildflowers start to bloom and spread throughout the forest floor. About a mile into the hike, you’ll see the Owenby Cemetery and the old stone walls of an old farmstead – both of which date back to the beginning of the 20th century. Beyond that, the old Messer’s Farm has a barn that dates back to 1875, and also the Smoky Mountain Hiking Club’s cabin which was used until 1981. At the end of the Porter’s Creek Trail is the Fern Branch Falls, a 60-foot waterfall towards the left of the trail. Don’t miss it before you go back!

Devil’s Courthouse

The Devil’s Courthouse is at milepost 422.4 on the Blue Ridge Parkway. The trail is short and only goes for a mile on a roundtrip, but it gets more difficult as it goes on – with the path climbing steeply from half a mile to the peak of the Devil’s Courthouse. The climb is a bit tough, although the road is paved, making it easier for beginners to hike on. At the top of the trail, you are rewarded with an amazing view of Tennessee, Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina. The Devil’s Courthouse is also home to extremely rare and also protected plants – so staying on the trail is a must to ensure their protection. With a breathtaking view at the summit and rare plants around your trail, you shouldn’t miss The Devil’s Courthouse if you’re ever in the mood for hiking.

Craggy Pinnacle Trail

The Craggy Pinnacle Trail – is one of the most popular trails and most well-known views in Blue Ridge. A roundtrip distance is only 1.5 miles long, making it a short hike for you and your companions. The trail has a fork where you can visit two summits – one being the lower overlook, and the other at the top. The top of the summit is 5, 892 ft high and it provides you with a wonderful view from any angle. The trail looks best at sunset or sunrise. If you need something a bit more simple with breathtaking views, the Craggy Pinnacle Trail may just be your trip.

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