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Mountain-biking Trails for you to Try in Blue Ridge

Adrenaline-pumping, adventure, challenge – while some might be looking for a calm and peaceful getaway here in Blue Ridge, Georgia mountains, it can still provide the three that so many may be looking for to escape the mundane. While there are plenty of calm or luxurious experiences to be had in Blue Ridge, others may be looking for something more thrilling and exciting. This is where the mountain biking trails in Blue Ridge come in – where there are trails for both beginners and experts.

Long Branch Loop

The Long Branch Loop is perfect for beginners who are just starting to sink their feet into mountain biking. The track runs for 2.3 miles on an old roadbed and double track, which you’ll be biking on for at least half an hour. Besides its relatively easy difficulty, there are perfect views on the trail as well as the creek crossing and the views of the Green Mountain. It’s a great time for a beginner, especially one who’d have this as their first track.

Lake Blue Ridge Trail

A perfect time if you’re new or bringing your family along. The Lake Blue Ridge Trail is a 0.6-mile loop that follows the shoreline of the lake. There are amazing views of the lake to be seen, and it’s a very easy trail. It begins and ends in the picnic area. If you’re looking for a calmer bike ride with others, the Lake Blue Ridge Trail is great for you.

Flat Creek Loop

Going up a bit more in difficulty, the Flat Creek Loop is a bit harder in comparison, but it’s very enjoyable. It’s 5.9-mile singletrack that runs for at least an hour and a half. There are multiple creek crossings and rocks to navigate. However, the Flat Creek Loop also has amazing views, making it a perfect adventure for the intermediate mountain biker. 

Green Mountain Trail

The Green Mountain Trail is a very difficult track for mountain bikers who are looking for a challenge. Running for 7.7 miles of singletrack, the trail takes about 2 hours to complete. However, you’ll be treated the entire time to views overlooking Lake Blue Ridge. If you want to get your adrenaline pumping even with the pretty scenery around you, the Green Mountain Trail is for you.

Stanley Creek Loop

The Stanley Creek Loop runs for 1.4 miles on Forest Services road on gravel and for another 1.4 miles on singletrack with roadbed. The trail is easy and takes an hour to complete, and you’ll be looking at captivating scenery along Stanley Creek. The trail climbs up gradually for a long stretch, meaning you’ll really have to pedal and build up your leg strength and endurance.

And plenty more!

As we can’t list all of them here, these are just some of the very pretty trails that you can bike in. Blue Ridge is rich in nature and its scenery – meaning your adventures here will have the beauty, terrain, and challenge that you might be looking for.

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